Material handling equipment often needs to be as flexible as possible so your employees can deal with various objects. For example, every home presents unique challenges for professional movers, or a warehouse might stock many items in various shapes and sizes that require versatile material handling equipment. From the classic hand cart to the powered stair climbing dolly, these are the hand trucks your team needs to handle a variety of different material handling tasks.

The Classic Hand Truck

The classic hand truck offers more flexibility than you might think. It moves stackable items with ease, helping greatly improve your team’s efficiency. There are quite a few items that will fit on a classic hand truck’s nose plate, making it an excellent tool in a wide range of situations and job applications. Plus, they will be less likely to drop items, potentially breaking them or hurting themselves, compared to holding the item or carrying it by hand.

Convertible Hand Truck

When your employees need to move wide or long items, they need an aluminum convertible hand truck. It starts as a classic hand truck, already a tool they will likely use regularly. It can then transform into a horizontal platform truck in four-wheel mode, perfect for moving anything from cases of soda into a convenience store or art pieces out of a home. In four-wheel mode, it can handle loads up to 1,000 pounds. When done, it folds back up into a traditional vertical hand truck.

Collapsible Platform Truck

If your employees need an adaptable platform truck that takes up less space in a delivery van, the collapsible platform truck is the perfect solution. It folds up for transport but quickly unfolds, making it perfect for professional movers or delivery drivers. It’s portable and extremely configurable, making it easy to move items like beverages, food, or general merchandise from a truck to a restaurant or a stockroom to a store floor. This is also perfect for smaller delivery vehicles, where a non-folding platform truck or hand truck would not be able to fit. Equipping your delivery driver with one can make their job much easier.

Powered Stair Climbing Dolly

A powered stair climbing dolly can be used in many ways. Essentially, it’s a traditional hand truck that can easily go up or down a set of stairs. This means that your team can move a stack of boxes up to the second floor without straining themselves or jostling the items. This is all thanks to the powered stair climbing movement. If your employees need even more versatility, upgrade to a heavy duty powered stair climbing dolly, and watch as a single employee moves a refrigerator or couch up or down a set of stairs quickly and safely.

These are just a few of the hand trucks your team could use to stay adaptable in any situation. Your business might have different needs, so consider designing your own versatile hand truck. For example, a Magliner can be customized in millions of ways to best suit your team’s needs.

About Magline

For more than 75 years, the Magliner name has represented quality, durability, and reliability in the material handling world. Professionals everywhere depend on their Magliners to help them move efficiently and safely. On their site, you can find a customizable traditional Magliner hand truck, appliance hand truck, motorized hand truck, and much more. Whether you work in a warehouse, own a moving company, or manage a team of delivery drivers, Magliner equipment is there when you need to ensure the job gets done right. Check out their full lineup and find the right Magliner to fit your needs.

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