Material handling equipment like dollies might not be top of mind for painting businesses. You’re likely more concerned with supplies, staffing levels, and project coordination. However, choosing the right material handling equipment can benefit a painting business in various ways. Optimizing your material handling process is a practical way to save money, boost efficiency, and help keep your team safe. From a quality appliance hand truck to something more tailored for your business, here are a few material handling solutions painting companies should consider.

Classic Hand Trucks Reliably Handle Many Tasks

One of the simplest but most useful ways to improve your paint business’ material handling is by insisting on using only high-quality, name-brand equipment. There’s the obvious benefit that first-rate gear is more trustworthy and user-friendly than the alternative. It’s also a safety issue—do you want gear you know you can rely on when moving furniture weighing hundreds of pounds? You probably do. Plus, quality equipment tends to cost less in the long run. It lasts longer and performs better. The best hand trucks are made with modular parts, so you can replace individual pieces over time rather than buying a new hand truck.

Customized Hand Trucks for Unique Tasks

Painting businesses encounter different material handling situations than you might find in a traditional warehouse. That’s why it helps to have customized tools. Every business is different. Do you specialize in interior or exterior painting jobs? Are you likely to encounter stairs regularly? A name-brand material handling company allows you to customize wheels, handles, frames, and other features to fine-tune the equipment to your specific needs. For instance, Magliner hand trucks can be customized in over 4 million different combinations. An example of beneficial customization would be to select a hand truck with a curved-back frame to cradle five-gallon buckets of paint.

Choose Heavy Duty Options

While a traditional hand truck is perfect for carrying paint and supplies where they need to go, most painting companies could benefit from having at least one heavy duty hand truck in their fleet. When it comes to moving hundreds of pounds of furniture or appliances away from walls, an appliance hand truck is the right tool for the job. Using a more robust hand truck for bigger jobs will save time, make the work easier on your team, and is safer. The best ones can handle loads up to 800 pounds and require virtually little effort to use. Make the setup process quicker and more efficient with a heavy duty appliance hand cart.

Handle Everything Else with a Convertible Hand Truck

A top-notch convertible hand truck should be part of every professional paint business’ material handling arsenal for optimal versatility. That’s because your team likely moves a wide variety of items and tools, many of which are too oddly shaped to fit on a traditional dolly’s nose plate. Convertible hand trucks are designed to be used vertically, like a traditional hand truck, but can also enter four-wheel mode. That horizontal position provides significantly more platform space and more weight capacity, able to handle loads up to 1,000 pounds. The traditional hand truck is invaluable for cans of paint, boxes, and anything else that fits well on its platform or nose. Four-wheel mode is perfect for moving mixed loads of brushes, rollers, extension poles, and other items. If you want to do more with less, you need a convertible hand truck in your material handling fleet.

About Magline

Known for durability, versatility, and overall quality, professionals everywhere depend on Magliner material handling solutions. From moving companies to warehouse workers, delivery drivers to grocery store stockers, Magline offers tools to get the job done safely, quickly, and efficiently. The ultra-customizable hand truck is joined by powered hand trucks, powered stair climbing dollies, appliance hand trucks, and other material handling equipment that will quickly become staples in your operations. When your employees need to move something, look for the hand trucks with the Magliner red stripe.

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