Customers enjoy the convenience and savings they can find at warehouse-style retail stores. However, running one brings with it a host of challenges different than a traditional storefront. Particularly, you need material handling tools that can handle heavy, bulky, and oversized items. From an appliance hand cart to motorized hand trucks, here’s what your warehouse retail team needs to manage their jobs quickly, safely, and effectively.

Appliance Hand Trucks

When a customer purchases a washer, refrigerator, or other appliance in a traditional retail setting, the fulfillment is up to a different party. At a warehouse retail store, you likely have these items ready to go in the back, making an appliance hand truck a necessity. Look for an aluminum appliance hand truck that can easily move bulky items with features like side wings, self-retracting ratchet straps, and a fourth wheel attachment. The best ones feature a load capacity of 800 pounds too. When a customer purchases a large appliance, your team members can bring the item from the warehouse to their vehicle quickly and confidently while keeping it safe from damage.

Convertible Hand Trucks

While an appliance hand truck serves a specific purpose, your warehouse-style retail store has a lot going on. The variety of products means you need versatile material handling tools. Convertible hand trucks provide that versatility. They can carry up to 500 pounds as a vertical hand truck but quickly double that capacity to 1,000 pounds when dropped into four-wheel mode. Whether your team is unloading boxes off a pallet or moving one long, bulky item such as a flat screen TV, they’ll appreciate how quick and easy it is to switch from one job to the next.

Forklift Alternatives

At any warehouse-style retail store, there are going to be a lot of jobs that require a forklift. However, there might come times when you have seasonal employees not licensed, all the forklifts are in use, or the space is too small. In these cases, you need a powered hand lift truck. These combine the best of both worlds with features that remind you of a walk-behind pallet jack and a lift truck. Your team can easily load and unload heavy products from shelves and trucks without straining. Make sure to get one that is easy to operate and can lift loads up to 350 pounds. For all those jobs around the warehouse store that need a forklift, this can be an alternative.

Motorized Material Handling Equipment

In a traditional retail store, team members don’t have to travel long distances with heavy loads. However, in a warehouse-style store, a heavy object might need to be moved a few hundred yards, if not more. Instead of transporting bulky TVs or heavy appliances this distance with team lifts or pallet jacks, you can make your team more efficient with a motorized hand truck. The best models feature motorized drive systems that can move loads up to 1,000 pounds with ease. It can help reduce team injuries, promote better efficiency, and even keep your products safer. Get one for your warehouse and watch your team’s safety and efficiency skyrocket.

About Magline

For more than 75 years, the Magliner name has represented quality, durability, and reliability in the material handling world. Professionals everywhere depend on their Magliners to help them move efficiently and safely. On their site, you can find a customizable traditional Magliner hand truck, appliance hand truck, powered hand truck, and much more. Whether you work in a warehouse, own a moving company, or manage a team of delivery drivers, Magliner equipment is there when you need to ensure the job gets done right. Check out their full lineup and find the right Magliner to fit your needs.

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