Most people don’t like to move to a new home during the snowy, icy, frigid winter months. That means when possible, moves are made in the warmer weather. With the warmer months coming up, it’s time to equip your professional moving company with the right tools to handle the increased demand. From the classic hand trucks for moving boxes to an appliance cart for furniture and other bulky items, having the right tools can help your employees work more efficiently and get the jobs done faster.

Hand Cart for Regular Boxes

For the typical box of items, it’s best to use a premium aluminum hand cart. They are versatile, can move stacked items and boxes, and are far better than simply carrying a box by hand. Not all boxes are made equal, making it a challenge for your employees to move all of the items of a home packed in boxes. A box of books will be heavier than one not packed full, but no matter the weight or size, a premium aluminum hand cart can help your movers move these types of boxes with ease.

Heavy Duty Hand Cart for Furniture

Some items exceed the weight limit of a typical hand cart or are too bulky to fit on the nose plate or frame, such as a couch or refrigerator. When it comes time for your employees to get the item in question out to the moving truck, you want them to have a heavy duty hand truck ready with additional side wings and a ratchet strap. It can help eliminate the need for a team lift, letting a single employee move the otherwise heavy item up to 800 pounds. That frees up an employee to do other tasks or help the first navigate with the oversized item.

Powered Stair Climbing Dolly to Tackle Stairs

Many homes have a second story. That means your team will likely have to move boxes and furniture up and down a set of stairs multiple times. A powered stair climbing dolly can make this much easier. Whether going up or down a set of stairs, it does most of the work for your employee, so they can stay in an ergonomic position while controlling the powered stair climbing attachment. It’s far less taxing on your employees, and they can move multiple boxes at once. They can use a heavy duty powered stair climbing dolly for moving furniture.

Convertible Hand Cart for Flexibility

Flexibility might be a key factor for your employees when trying to move out all of the items of a home. A convertible hand cart can provide the necessary flexibility while taking up less space in the moving van than having both a hand truck and a platform truck. The convertible hand cart starts as a vertical hand truck, but your employees can quickly move it into four-wheel mode, offering more weight capacity, up to 1,000 pounds. This is ideal when there are plenty of oddly shaped items to move.

About Magline

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